Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day of Eating in Bremerton


After a lovely few days in Canada, I had Friday to enjoy in beautiful Bremerton. However, thanks to being old, I had forgotten my jacket at home and thus didn’t feel too excited about being outside in the 50-degree temperatures.

Hey, they don’t call me “Weak-Sauce” for nothing.


Around noon, I knew it was time to brave the temperatures and grab some lunch. The lovely Bremerton Bar and Grill was just a few blocks away from my hotel.

I have always avoided this place in the past because it seemed a little pricey to me. After two weeks in the Caribbean, however, I’ve realized that dropping $12 for food isn’t the end of the world. At least is isn’t $40!

So I opted to try this restaurant and wasn’t disappointed. Especially because they let me swap out my soda for hot chocolate on the daily special.


The restaurant is located right across the street from the Navy shipyard, so people are often rushed to get in, eat, and get out. For that purpose, Bremerton Bar and Grill has wisely created a rush menu with ten items that can be made in under ten minutes for ten dollars, and it includes a drink.

Though I was seriously considering getting Habanero Mac and Cheese Balls, I opted to try their shredded pork burrito from their quick menu. I loved the idea that it came with homemade potato chips. (Remember when we made homemade potato chips and devoured them with perfect manly sandwiches?)

Everything was so yummy! It probably helped that my last meal had been fifteen hours previously and was at Subway. I’m not a huge fan of that sandwich establishment, and this burrito made up for it.


Of course, while I ate my lunch, I enjoyed reading a little bit of Harry Potter on my Kindle app on my iPod Touch. I have since replaced such a reading device. Wait until you see the improvement!


Later that night, when my stomach growled and said it was dinner time, I decided to try a place just across the courtyard called Fritz. It was a Belgium fry house, whatever that means.

I asked for a glass of water, which shocked them, I’m sure. I didn’t realize that it was also an ale house! But the water was very, very good.

I’ve never been that into ale. Like, don’t even know what it is!


I also accidentally ordered this. Wait! Let me explain! I saw that they had fried zucchini, which is one of my favorite things at my favorite restaurant. So I thought I would try them here. And they were only available in the combo basket.

It’s a vegetable, right?

So I also accidentally got two chicken strips, two mozzarella cheese sticks, and a small fry with my zucchini. I was able to pick two dipping sauces with my meal, so I opted for their BBQ sauce (for the chicken) and a dill ranch sauce (for everything else).

Don’t worry. I ended up eating about four bites of this entire basket. What was I thinking?! It was good but just too greasy for me! What a waste.


The zucchini was better at my other place, too. But I managed to eat a few of the small pieces here before calling it quits. Then I just wanted to find a salad bar and go to town to make up for my poor decision-making skills as far as dinner was concerned.

Never again!


The sunset view from my window helped me feel a little better about eating so poorly tonight. Isn’t this a gorgeous view of the harbor? I really love visiting this city.

We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, but lots of flying. So, really, it’s a perfect day!

UPDATE: After finally getting in touch with the hotel manager, I was able to be reimbursed for my stolen shoes! Yippeeeee!

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