Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to the Warmth of Home


I was in conversation with my boss back and forth on Monday morning, double-checking that they weren’t going to depart early that day (I had a hunch they wouldn’t).

Because I didn’t want to try to drive to Salt Lake in this type of weather!


Luckily, he said we wouldn’t be leaving until the afternoon (it ended up being almost 10:00 PM), so I was able to wait for this stuff to burn off.

Even better, my step-dad had to drive up earlier than me. He called me to let me know where the bad foggy spots were, and it really helped my drive be an easy one to head back to work today.

It’s been such a fun and productive weekend in my hometown!


Soon, I was back at the airport and waiting to go home. It was extremely cold today, and I didn’t feel like standing outside for long to take some pictures.


I’ve always come to the same FBO since flying these past six years, but this particular building has changed hands three times!

It was a great place to sit in the lobby today for some people-watching and book-reading!


Because of events going on near Salt Lake City, this place was packed and busy! I love seeing a few dozen giant airplanes on the ramp!

They must have had a reason to come here…it’s fourteen degrees. Who would want to come enjoy that type of weather for no reason?!


As you can see, the afternoon came and went. But my boss was nice enough to keep us updated on the times. It’s so wonderful having someone who lets us know what’s going on!


Gulfstreams were a dime a dozen today. There were some big, beautiful, and expensive airplanes everywhere I looked. Had it been sixty degrees warmer, I could have called it a pretty good day.

Could have.


After making sure that Gladys was ready for our flight home, this is where I spent most of my time. I got to talk to some fun people while waiting, too.


My boss kept apologizing for the delays, but it gave us a chance to grab some dinner. El Capitan and I both agreed that there was only one place that we wanted to eat.


I love this place! And so does Guy Fieri, since he’s been here for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Very delicious, affordable, authentic Mexican food. And boy, was it good!


Right across the street was Leatherby’s Family Creamery. I was almost tempted to eat my dinner here instead, but then I remembered that I had been shivering for nine hours nonstop. Eating ice cream just didn’t sound like the best remedy for that.

But I’ve eaten here before…(don’t look at this if you’re hungry or like caramel sauce).


Dinner at the Red Iguana was just wonderful. The food was good, but I got to do something that I’ve always wanted to try!

This place is always so popular, so we had a twenty-minute wait at 4:00 PM on a Monday evening. We were talking to some people outside while waiting to be sat…a lovely husband and wife, and they were friendly and fun. They were sat almost immediately, and I jokingly said to come get us if there was room at their table.

And…they did! We were invited to eat with them, and it was so much fun. Great conversation, great food. And, secretly, it was a dream come true for me! I’ve always wanted to eat with strangers like that!

Yes, I’m weird.


The shredded beef tacos weren’t all that bad, either.

Late that night, we left the cold behind and thawed out at home. It was so cold that we had a annunciator come on during flight that the passenger door was open. I knew that it was locked and that just the sensor was misbehaving because of the cold, but it still got my heart a pumping.

What a great five days in Utah. I loved that I got to spend so much time with my family, and that we were able to can some chicken and tie some quilts.

Thanks for having me, family! I miss you already, but I hope like nothing else that the next time I come for work, it’s much warmer!

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