Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Delicatus Lunch and Pike Place Market


I am just in hog heaven at being able to spend the whole day in one of my favorite cities.

Seattle has my heart for sure.

We’ve already taken the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, and now it’s time to eat some lunch!

I already knew where I wanted to eat, so it was just a matter of walking a few blocks from the ferry terminal to arrive at Pioneer Square.

It looks so different without any leaves on the trees!


I crossed the street behind one of those walking-tours groups. I’ve always wanted to do something like this to learn even more about Seattle!

Maybe next time?


And here we are! Delicatus!

It was closed last Labor Day weekend when I tried to bring Hubby here. It is certainly my favorite place to eat in Seattle!


The menu is wonderful. Gourmet sandwiches with a slight twist.

I should probably start admitting that a well-made sandwich is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to eat!

Just check out their menu! What would you order for lunch today?


You can eat inside or outside, but today I decided to get it to-go so I could eat on a park bench in Pioneer Square to people-watch.

Good food and people-watching? This day is already shaping up to be pretty wonderful.


Don’t you love this old penny tile on the floor?


I personally love the décor on the walls. They have old drawings of animal cuts for eating! That pig looks good enough to eat!

But I’m having chicken today. What a shame.


They make homemade potato chips, so that was my side dish.


While I got the chicken salad sandwich on multi-grain bread to enjoy for my lunch.

Healthy, right? Because it’s on multi-grain bread?


And may I just say…it certainly didn’t let me down from my high expectations of this place! Ever since I found out that we were spending some time here for the weekend, I had been looking forward to trying another sandwich at Delicatus!

And the chicken salad was out of this world. Soft, fresh bread with crispy lettuce and ripe tomatoes didn’t hurt anything either.

This lunch was amazing! I will be back!


I sat next to a street artist who was displaying his work for sale. It was warming up…probably around sixty-three degrees already!

What a beautiful day to sit in a park in Seattle and enjoy good, affordable food!


With a happy belly, it was time to walk north towards Pike Place Market.

While walking on 1st Avenue, I passed this old building. It reminds me of something from Back to the Future, which is one of my favorites.

Doesn’t it kinda look like the high school? Should we save the clock tower?


As you can see, some of the trees were just starting to get spring leaves.

And I love these buildings behind. So pretty!


I hope that you’ve already had breakfast, because this window display that I passed on my walk may want you to wait a few hours to eat again.

Isn’t this creepy?! I had to do a double-take to make sure that this squirrel wasn’t alive in there!

It wasn’t. Someone just decided to stuff it and make it a main feature in their window display.

Makes perfect sense to me.


I passed the Seattle Art Museum. I hope that I time it on a free day eventually, because it would be nice to go inside someday. I just don’t want to drop $20 for admission, you know?

I love museums. I prefer history ones, but art can be pretty dang cool, too.

By the way, this giant statue continuously moves his hammer up and down. It reminds me of something from Mother Russia in the 1950s…


The streets are always safe with horse cops around!

Though I’ve ridden a horse on asphalt…it’s not easy! Especially at anything faster than a walk!


It cracked me up that they avoided traffic by sidestepping to the sidewalk.

Is this really legal? I guess that they would know…


Yippeeeeeeee! The Market is in sight at last!


Oh, I love this sign. It means that I am in one of my favorite places in Seattle.

Have you ever visited the magical Pike Place Market?


It’s magical indeed…and not just because there are homemade pickles at every turn.


If I happened to live in Seattle, I know that I would walk down here every morning to pick out what to cook for dinner that night. I would see what looked great and smelled even better. Then I would pop it in a bag and walk home!

Wouldn’t that be the way to live?!


The shops are actually located inside these green walls. It can get pretty crowded in there at times, so I don’t always pop in at the first entrance.

Aren’t the tulip flower boxes above just beautiful?!


Everything is so well-maintained here. It’s a really beautiful place to wander and shop.

I mean, I like it.


If I had to pick just one favorite thing from this incredible street market, it would be the incredibly cheap flower bouquets!

In addition to some yummy vegetables, I would also get a giant $5 flower bouquet for my house every single day!


There are lots of little permanent shops, like this bakery window.


Holy cannoli!


And there are also lots of little stands on folding tables set up along the walls.

You can get anything in this place…food, clothing, and homemade handicrafts.


This was one of the less-crowded spots inside the market, so I took a quick picture. Most the time, I am shoulder-to-shoulder and pressed along with the people!

If you’re claustrophobic, this might not be the place for you!


But they do have flowers. Doesn’t that make you want to see it in person?


And it was definitely tulip season during this visit! Aren’t these just gorgeous?!

Man, I love flowers.


Oh yeah…there was fish here, too. That’s actually how the whole market got started back in 1907. Fishermen would come back early each morning with fresh catches, and people would be waiting for them in the harbor.

And then someone started knitting kids booties, and it was all over from there.


Mmmmm, more fresh veggies. Don’t these look so good?!


Uh oh. More fish.

These don’t look quite as good to me, but that’s because I’m not a fish fan.

But you already know that.


Back outside, I walked past the very first Starbucks Coffee, which always has a line out the door. People want to say that they’ve had a coffee at the very first one, I guess?

This shop first opened its doors in 1971.


I love the old brick for the street. I doubt that it is original, but one can pretend.


I don’t believe people when they say it is dreary and rainy and depressing in Seattle. Almost every time that I’ve been in town, and that’s been several times, this is the weather that greets me!

Maybe I’m just lucky?

Don’t worry…I’ve been in town when it’s raining, too. It does exist. But not when I want to explore!


Do you remember when I was at this very same spot last summer?

Will Farrell was shooting a movie inside this Beecher’s Cheese Shop, and a huge crowd had gathered to try to catch a glimpse of him.

Do they forget that celebrities are just people, too?

I’m glad that it wasn’t as crowded today!


Eek! And Hubby and I ate at this Steelhead Diner last Labor Day weekend!

I highly recommend the macaroni and cheese. Just trust me on this one.


I love this sign. It brings me such joy and happiness.

I love Seattle. Can you tell?


Back in the day, I’m sure that it was a big bragging thing to be able to paint on the buildings that this place was sanitary! Now, it just cracks me up!

But I do love the neon-lit pig.


And this bread shop always smells so wonderful when I walk by. One of these days, I’m going to stop to see why it smells like cinnamon rolls!

Or maybe I shouldn’t!

Lunch and Pike Place were yummy! How about we head up to the Space Needle next?

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  1. I love Seattle too, even though it's been years since I've been there. Let's go together someday, sis! We could spend hours at the market! And buy some fresh flowers! And eat seafood (I'll eat that by myself!). Wouldn't we have a great time!?! xoxo


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