Friday, May 17, 2013

Downtown Seattle and the Best Hot Chocolate Ever


A day off to explore Seattle. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Actually, it does. I get to come back tomorrow and have a whole day here again!

We just left the Space Needle and are set to walk back towards downtown Seattle.

There was lots of construction going in this city, which is something foreign to my hometown. Phoenix still hasn’t recovered enough from the Recession to start building on this scale.


I was on the north side of downtown, looking south towards some of the buildings.

Sheesh, another building crane?

Now they’re just showing off!


My very first time staying in Seattle was about three years ago with my old job. I found a crummy hotel that was affordable enough to allow us to stay in the city instead of south by Boeing Field, where we landed.

I had been to Seattle several times but had never had enough time to leave the airport. This was my first chance to really explore a city that has been on my love list since I was little.

Sight-unseen?! Yes! It’s true! I have had a soft spot for this lovely city even before I had a chance to visit it in person!

This elephant car wash sign wasn’t too far from that hotel, so I have great memories of it!


And, come on…it’s cute!

Pink elephants always remind me of Dumbo.


Speaking of the devil, here was the affordable hotel in which I stayed so long ago.

I even found that post, if you want to read it. Here is the post from that trip!

As you can tell from the title, I already really liked Seattle.

Now I’m just plain smitten!


Anyway, speaking of Seattle, let’s get a little closer to all the action, shall we?


I must be stuck on reflections for this trip. Isn’t this beautiful with the building reflected? The lighting is finally getting really wonderful for some pretty shots, too.

Oh man…wait until you see the sunset on the harbor!


This building looks like it is straight out of the late seventies. Seattle has lots of younger skyscrapers, too, and lots of older ones (which is what I love, though I am no respecter of buildings).


Speaking of mixing old with the new…this building was literally added to after it was built long ago. Can you see the newer section to the left, while the wonderful old section also still shines on the right?

This building reminds me of something from Vegas, actually.


I neared the shopping district of downtown and loved every step that got closer.

Lots of cities have skywalks connecting the shops. Isn’t that cool?


Any store that you could possibly want is located in downtown Seattle, though I promise that this isn’t the only reason that I would love living here.

But it doesn’t hurt, either…


I’ve passed this cupcake shop several times but have never gone in. I didn’t go in today, either, even though this sign had my name written all over it.

I love red velvet anything!

Out of sight, out of mind. I left it in my dust today.


I turned west to intersect with 1st Avenue. Just another block away was Pike Place Market yet again! We had so much fun there earlier today!


But rush hour was nearing for the city. Traffic increased quite a bit as I walked along on this beautiful evening!

Orange cabs, huh? They were hard to miss!


One of my favorite stores recently opened in downtown Seattle. I was happy for everyone involved, since this fine establishment only makes Seattle that much cooler.

Congrats, you guys!


As I walked along downtown, I caught a peek of the ferris wheel near the harbor. It’s so dang tall!


As is this building, which has businesses in the first few floors and condos in the rest. My only complaint is that I wouldn’t have a balcony or patio to enjoy all summer long!

Sorry, Building. You wouldn’t make my potential-housing cut today.


I passed an art studio that had these nifty little birds in the window. Aren’t they cool?

I bet that they are pretty expensive, too. But one can admire from a distance.


The setting sun made for some beautiful light to capture these stately buildings in downtown Seattle.

One of the million Starbucks in the city is peeking out from the bottom-right of the picture, too.

Since their hot chocolate is awful, I was on a mission to find a place that serves the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted!


No, it’s not Potbelly Sandwich Shop that makes great hot chocolate. I’m sure that it would be delicious if they made it, though! Everything else is in that place is heavenly!

I’m happy to see that Seattle is now treated to the likes of Dream Bars. It’s one of the best desserts that I’ve ever eaten, and that ain’t no lie!


This top-heaving building was gorgeous.

It never ceases to amaze me what architects can do.

This is why math is important, kids!


Finally! I found what I was searching for!

They are harder to find these days…apparently, lots of the stores are closing to transform them into drive-thru shops. I’m so bummed.


My ignorance took Borders Book Stores for granted when they had Seattle’s Best Coffee shops inside. I had no idea how incredible the Triple Chocolate Hot Chocolate really was until the Borders stores here in the Valley were already shut down.

My hot chocolate treat can now only happen when I’m in Seattle itself.

And maybe that’s a good thing…

Hot chocolate isn’t exactly known as a health food, you know.


Especially with shaved white chocolate and milk chocolate chips on top of the creamiest, frothiest, sweetest hot chocolate in town.

This was a treat indeed at about four-hundred calories. But I justified it by calculating all of the walking that has taken place today as I explored Seattle.

And I can’t get one of these every day, you know?

Treat justification process complete!


With a warm belly, it was time to walk back towards the harbor to explore before the next ferry left for Bremerton in about an hour.


I passed underneath the freeway on my walk towards the pier. I can hardly wait to get some pretty sunset shots of my favorite city!

Happy weekend to you!

I’m at work today (yay!)…and with any luck, we are installing sod tomorrow morning.

By ourselves. Cue the doom music!

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I LOVE Seattle Best Triple Hot Chocolate near Pike's Place Market about 3 1/2 years ago and now all other hot chocolates pale in comparison. I truly wish I could find it again. Mmm


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