Monday, May 20, 2013

A Beautiful Sunset at the Seattle Pier


I had about an hour to kill before the next ferry could take me back over the Puget Sound to Bremerton, where my happy little hotel room was waiting for me.

It’s been a gorgeous day of exploring one of my favorite cities today. Did you miss anything?

Let’s Ferry Over to Seattle!
Delicatus Lunch and Pike Place Market
Chocolate Caramels and Space Needles
Downtown Seattle and the Best Hot Chocolate Ever


Look, Mama! It’s Ivar’s!

Why don’t you go in to eat your deep-fried clams, and I will happily stay out here to wait for you…


Man, the sun makes all the difference in getting good shots. It’s hard to pick a favorite tonight because they all look so pretty with a sunset over water!

I like this one for all the birds.


These clams look startled.

I guess if I was about to be eaten by countless tourists who like seafood, I would be pretty startled, too.


On this pier in Seattle, there are lots of little novelty shops that have several enticing offerings to bring you inside.

Like fresh Mexican Jumping Beans? And free fudge?!

The totem poles are neat, huh?


Ooooo, another pretty shot of the water, sunset reflections, a boat, and flying birds.


I pass this hot dog stand every time that I visit Seattle. I guess if I was a huge hot dog fan, it would have already been on my list of things to enjoy.

Luckily for me, I still had a hot chocolate keeping me full. So this didn’t even tempt me tonight!


Oh my heck.

This is definitely up there for my favorite pictures from tonight!

I love the lights (no, really, I want some for my patio), and the ferris wheel.

But I really love the light cascading down the sidewalk! Isn’t that gorgeous?!


This Crab Pot is another staple on the Seattle Pier. But these sailors never make fish look appetizing enough for me to give it a shot.

Honestly, why would I ever give fish another shot?!


I really like this picture, too, for the sunbursts on the right.

Lighting is everything when it comes to getting amazing pictures! I lucked out tonight!


There are several pedestrian-friendly boardwalks on the pier as well. That is the Seattle Aquarium in the distance.


Oh dang.

Sheesh! So pretty!


This is a closer view of said aquarium. I’ve never been inside, but that couldn’t hurt someday, you know?

I love places of learning like that!

Nerd alert!


So I just wandered around the pier, taking pictures of anything and everything that I liked. And then the sun did all of the hard work for me.

Don’t you love this?

Should we go back to visit? Ok.


This isn’t the best picture of the ferris wheel tonight, but it is the best picture of a homeless man staring at the setting sun.

Should someone tell him that he shouldn’t be looking straight at it?

Poor guy.


I love the water and think often how fun it would be to live closer to it. I don’t necessarily like being in the water, so temperature isn’t a big deal for me.


Man, that’s pretty!

Don’t you feel like you’re there, with the breeze gracing your face, and the seagull cries filling your ears?

We’re pretending, so you don’t even have to worry about poop falling on you, either!


And, of course, any city is beautiful with the setting sun as its light source. Look how alive these buildings become!

I would be missing this place already if I didn’t get to come back tomorrow for another round of all the fun!


Austin Powers arrived in his power boat.

Austin Powers….he’s the maaaaaaaaan! For you!


These harbor lights are pretty cool, too, since they remind me of something from the earlier half of last century. I love mid-century stuff!

And that’s a pretty tall ferris wheel, too. I’ve never even checked the price on it, though I bet that it is pretty steep.


Oh man. This is another favorite.


But let’s head back towards the ferry terminal…slowly.

And let’s pass some more cute shops and restaurants.

Pirates Plunder? Yes, please! How fun!


And I loved loved loved this t-shirt in one of the window displays. Isn’t that cute?!


Well, this explains all the bird poop.

Quit feeding those massive stone birds, buddy!


The fire department has a neat presence on the pier as well.


And here we are back at the ferry terminal!

About every hour, a ferry departs to Bremerton. I’ll be on the next one!

A nice finish for a very reflective day…can you see the ferris wheel in the window reflection?


Inside the terminal is open and warm and airy and smells delicious. There are several little food stands and even a coffee shop.

Hey, it’s Seattle. There is a coffee shop every three feet.

The timber beams above are so beautiful.


I bought my ferry ticket to return home. It doesn’t cost anything to come over to Seattle, but it’s $7.70 to return.

It’s not a bad round-trip fare for a wonderful day, huh?


Let’s board the ferry! The trip takes an hour back to Bremerton.


And I have to suffer through views of this sunset for most of it. What a terrible thing!

Sorry about the light reflections. I couldn’t ask them to turn off the cabin lights for me while I snapped a few pictures.


For a Friday evening, I was surprised at how empty the ferry was.

I’m sure that rush hour has already ended, since it’s almost 8:00 PM, and other people enjoying a date night in Seattle (can you imagine?!) are just now sitting down to their dinner somewhere.


Just before nine, we pulled into the Bremerton Ferry Dock and disembarked.

Then, I waved goodbye to the terminal as I headed to my hotel a few blocks away.


What a wonderful day. I can’t get enough of this place. I’m glad that I get a repeat session tomorrow.

Are you ready for more?

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