Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun-Filled Two Days

When Wednesday starts to roll around and I haven't been called for work yet, I start to feel a little more comfortable with the fact that I might actually have some time at home! I called around to make some appointments for my car (oil change, tires rotated, new shocks, etc.), then received a call from Terry just a few minutes later to let me know we were leaving that evening! Shocks must wait!

We left with Joe and three passengers to Colorado Springs on Wednesday evening around 6:30 PM. After a few hours in KCOS, we used most of the long runway to take off towards Blaine, Minnesota, which is in northern Minneapolis. We landed around 1:30 AM, and it's always fun trying to find your way around an unfamiliar airport at night! I got the passengers' bags loaded in the rental car and sent them on their way to the hotel. The line guy gave us a ride and we beat everyone else there! By the time I brushed my teeth (I even did it that late...can you believe it?) and crawled into bed, it was 2:15 AM. Slightly past my bed time!

Thursday morning started early. Less than 5 hours after I got into my room, I was up and at 'em again for our next flight. The day was to be filled with shorter hops but not much time in between. Even though I am not a napper, I was hoping for at least an hour to sneak one in (never happened). We flew to Oshkosh from Blaine. It looks so different without a a millionty airplanes parked on the field. Then we flew over downtown Milwaukee on our 20-minute flight south to the brewing capital of the world (or at least Wisconsin). During our short stay on the ground in Milwaukee, we made a mad dash to El Fuego Mexican Restaurant just down the street...marveling that we had eaten there just the week before. Sometimes I don't know where time goes! After Milwaukee, we flew to Chicago and got a great view of the foggy city before landing at Midway Airport. We stayed for a few hours, which I mostly spent arranging cars, hotels, and cars at our upcoming destinations. I did get to watch Michael Jordan's Gulfstream taxi in. Late afternoon, we flew to Syracuse in beautiful New York. The view of the Finger Lakes was breath-taking thanks to the wonderful sunset behind us. After an hour at Syracuse, we finally headed to rest towards Hanscom Field in Bedford. Like the Teterboro of New York City, Bedford Airport acts as a reliever airport for heavy Boston traffic for us corporate folk. We landed at 9:45 PM and went to the Holiday Inn Express for a night of much-needed sleep.

Friday morning didn't start as early since the passengers had several meetings arranged in the Boston area. Luckily for me, it gave us the chance to enjoy my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, at the Burlington mall just a few miles from the airport. I tried something new and loved it...the Orange Chicken. Yowsers, it was good! I think everything tastes better in that magical building! We waited for a few hours at Jet Aviation until our passengers arrived. I spent that time arranging maintenance over the weekend at our home base in Phoenix. I get to babysit all work done before we leave early Monday morning for another week of flying, this time with Ron. We stopped in Kansas City to get some fuel on our long flight home. We radioed ahead and convinced them to order some pizzas for the passengers, and I accidentally ordered us one as well! One time, I made the mistake of thinking they would leave us a few slices. Who likes pizza crumbs! So I smarted up and now order a crew pizza, too!

It was a packed two days. Ten cities. I am drinking orange juice like no tomorrow to try to avoid getting sick from so little sleep!

Phoenix - Colorado Springs - Blaine - Oshkosh - Milwaukee - Chicago - Syracuse - Bedford/Boston - Kansas City Downtown - Phoenix

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  1. I love the list of cities you do at the end. You have the best job ever. When you guys are rich and you have your own plane... I want a ride to some of your favorite eating spots! and looking spots!

    Stay well! no one likes a sick pilot!


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