Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Make A Woman Happy

This was only my second attempt at making a Pioneer Woman recipe. The Potato Packets were a success a few months ago, so I figure she might be on to something! I love that gal and love her food! It donned on me one beautiful morning (yesterday) that I should make her recent Chicken Parmesan recipe, and it was literally perfection on a plate. John slurped it up. I slurped it up. It made all the feel-good chemicals in my brain come to life! I think we could consider it a huge success.

For our family, I will change a few things next time I make it. First, I hate parsley since it always tastes like a garnish to me. I will omit the parsley and simply mix in a dash of oregano. The other thing I will change is the amount of parmesan cheese. It didn't melt very well and is slightly bitter, so I will
use less and mix it with some mozzarella cheese. Other than those two additions from my picky palette, the dish was simply divine!


  1. My daughter, the gourmet cook! Who woulda' thunk it?


  2. mmmmmmm looks YUMMY!!! and ... I LOVE where you said, "it made all the feel-good chemicals in my brain come to life!" that's definitely quote-worthy. :)


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