Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Seattle and The Bang Bang Cafe


Good morning, Bremerton! When I returned last night, you were dark and helped me sleep really well.

After a day exploring my favorite city in the world, it felt just fine with my feet to be in a warm, soft, comfy bed in Bremerton.

This was my gorgeous view when I woke up refreshed the next morning.


As you can see, I’m going to have to deal with awful weather yet again today. It’s going to be seventy degrees, and I have all day to spend in Seattle yet again.


After a nice workout in the hotel gym and a careful breakfast in the lobby, I headed back towards the ferry terminal to hitch a ride over the Puget Sound.

I think that I skipped because I was so happy.


Man, if feels like I was just here!

I know that I’ve said it before, but I sure do love this font on the ferry terminal building. It’s old-school straight out of the art deco period, and I sure wish I knew what it was called!


As you can see, lots of people decided to head to the city on a gorgeous Saturday morning! We waited patiently for the arriving ferry to disembark, and then it was our turn to get onboard.

I’m already excited thinking about what a fun day this is going to be!


While we were waiting, this old car tried to start after picking up an arriving passenger. Unfortunately, after several attempts and a few minutes, the engine still couldn’t turn over.

This is why I think people are generally still good, even though I’m sure that we all wonder sometimes!

About five guys started to push the car to help the driver with a push-start. After about eighty feet, the car finally fired up and drove away, with the driver’s thankful hand waving out the window.

All of us watching started to clap for those who had helped. It felt good.

Cool car, too, huh? Too bad it doesn’t work.


Let’s all board the Kaleetan! All of the ferries are named after things from the local Native American tribes.

Pretty nifty, though I can’t pronounce half of them.


You can see a few boats peeking out of the Bremerton harbor. Soon, we will be winding our way through the Sound to arrive in Seattle just an hour later.

The ferry is already moving! Let’s settle in for a nice ride!


And, before you can wiggle your nose, we’re in Seattle once again! Here is the pier with lots of action going on all day and night.

Just for the record, I would be perfectly fine with having this short of a trip to visit Seattle any time that I wanted. I’m just sayin’…


I decided to take a different route into the city today, just so I could see new and exciting things. I walked ground-level along the harbor for a few blocks before crossing over towards the city.


This ended up being a wonderful decision, since I got to see many new and exciting things!

Like this sign! Hello, fishies!

Should someone tell them that they are headed the wrong way?

You would think that they would want to swim away from Pike Place Market, which is famous for its fish stands. They should swim to their freedom behind them instead.


I’ve never seen Pike Place Market from this angle, but it’s the back of the famous “Public Market” sign, which I love so much. This is too cool!


I guess we should follow the crowds large green signs directing us towards the Market, huh?

Being the rebel that I am, I decided to walk past this to arrive on the other end of Pike Place near the park from yesterday.

Aren’t those old hand rails on the stairs cool?


Well, we’re getting higher already. Which improves the view drastically.

Way on the other side of the ferris wheel, you can see the shipping port of Seattle.


And now we are looking at the north entrance to Pike Place Market!

Wow, really. It feels like I was just here! But I’m pretty sure that I could never get tired of this place!

Besides, I’m just walking through today on my way to grab a little lunch.


I should have gotten a closer view of the parking prices, since they were out of this world. I would much rather be on-foot if I lived here.

With so many wonderful public transportation options, and my two little feet ready for another fun day, why on earth would anyone drive?!

It’s a neat-looking sign, though. Apparently, I love neon. Who knew?


After walking past the park and waving at Pike Place, I continued my walk along Western Avenue a little farther north.

It’s always fun to see this folded-up umbrella sculpture, since it always reminds me of one of my favorite Disney movies.

Jolly holiday, eh?


Underneath the freeway, they’ve made yet another tribute to the local orca whales.

Man, these people really love their giant ocean mammals, huh?

I thought that these looked neat, but I wonder if they fenced them off because they had to keep homeless people from sleeping here. Or maybe to keep out graffiti artists?

Either way, the chain link fence definitely made an appearance in this photo today.


So I had done a little research before my lunchtime arrival today. I thought that a late breakfast would tide me over well, and this place was known online for its delicious breakfast burritos.

There was another place up by the Space Needle that also had awesome reviews, but it was another half a mile. By the time I had walked the 1.8 miles to get to the Bang Bang Café, I was ready to eat!


The inside was adorable. The reviews online had warned me that the breakfast burritos here were top-notch, so the the cute interior of the café was just a bonus.


I love homemade menus like this. And this little place has quite the offerings, too! Bagel sandwiches, breakfast burritos, paninis, and sandwiches.

Unfortunately, I was told after I ordered that they were out of flour tortillas (wha?). So my breakfast burrito ended up being just a breakfast bowl.

Wop wop.


This is not a visual illusion! Seattle is a very vertical city in spots! Coming up from the harbor to the more-level 1st Avenue area means that you have to climb some pretty steep sidewalks to get there!

You can see the angle of the car outside. He’s just waiting at the light to head closer to the pier.

Crazy, huh?


Their display case was filled with all sorts of homemade goodies. One of the things in here was their apparently-famous Shawn’s Vegan Mac.

I usually steer clear of things that say Vegan, for my own personal reasons.

Have I shown you my bacon tattoo?

(This statement is an attempt for comedic relief only. No ink has ever touched this skin!)


My breakfast burrito bowl arrived. It looked yummy, but it wasn’t massive.

Another wop wop.


But with potatoes (that tasted like they had been on the flattop all morning) and turkey sausage to accompany the scrambled eggs and cheese, this had potential.

Unfortunately, it didn’t taste all that great to me. I probably would skip this place on my next visit.

I’m just being honest here, folks. Maybe I just caught them on a bad day?


Now I regret not waiting for the Skillet Counter breakfast burrito just half a mile away.

Hey, live and learn. You can’t win them all, and that goes for breakfast, too.


As I walked up towards Seattle Center once again, I passed the beautiful trees with some spring blossoms in full swing.

I could easily live on a street that looks like this.

In Seattle.


Why do I want to head back towards Seattle Center?

Well, you can see one of the reasons peeking over the buildings in this shot.

Today is going to be awesome!

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