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Shiskaberries and Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle


I know, I know. I was just at the Space Needle yesterday. But I love this place. And I knew that I was going to try a treat that I purposely avoided yesterday.

Chocolate-covered strawberries have some redeeming healthy factor, so I actually don’t even feel all that bad.

These monorail tracks lead right to the Seattle Center, where the Space Needle calls home.


There is a car repair shop on the corner near the Space Needle. The entire surface is painted depicting men busily working on imported vehicles.

But this one cracked me up!

I would not want the guy holding the Porsche sign to be anywhere near me or my car! And the guy sitting on the swing with the air gun? Sheesh, hide your daughters!

I’m sure that this shop does nice work…just avoid the wall art to be safe.


I do believe that we are getting closer. That big round thing up there certainly looks closer.

Follow the monorail!


Ah, monorails.

Disneyland has one, you know. And my next trip will be showing that monorail to you from being there in-person! Eek!


This is the base of the Space Needle. Inside is a cute souvenir shop and fudge. But you didn’t hear it from me.

They hold all sorts of special events in the top of the Space Needle. I’ve never been up there, but it would sure be fun sometime!


Yep, I’m talking about way up there!


While standing at the Space Needle entrance, you can look north towards the Pacific Science Center (on the left), and the Chihuly Glass Museum (on the right). Just past it is an entrance to a nice grassy area near the Armory.

One of my treats is there today. Let’s go get it!


Here is a peek into the glass center!

Wow, he does amazing work!


This is a grassy meadow between the Armory and the Pacific Science Center. I discovered all of this for the first time yesterday, and I wanted to come back again today to enjoy it even more.

That’s the Armory in the far distance.


But you know my real reason for coming back today…

So let’s play Where’s Waldo with the Shiskaberries hut, shall we?

Can you see it hiding in this photo?

True, it’s trying to be invisible behind a tree and a man.

Thankfully, I will not be outsmarted. “We can see you, Carl.” “We can totally see you, Carl.”

IMG_0213     IMG_0214

So, here it is. No, I didn’t get fresh whipped cream on top. I’m on a diet.

And yes, I did add bananas to the order, which was just OK. I don’t like bananas that aren’t green, and there were “ripe” bananas.

But hey. Anything covered in chocolate is instantly elevated. So I was fine with everything here.


Especially when compared in size to the Space Needle. This was a large treat indeed!

I got my $5-worth, that’s for dang sure.

Was it worth the splurge? No. More on that later.


I had seen from afar yesterday that there was even more to explore back in this park area. So I headed that way and could hear lots of kids laughing.

This should be good.


Even though it was barely seventy degrees, kids were playing in this giant fountain water ball.

Like a creeper, I sat down to watch and enjoy the gorgeous sun.

And a gorgeous rainbow!


It looks like a space machine spurting out water. This thing was pretty cool!

And cool had many definitions today. I kept getting sprayed with some misty water. It felt nice, but it was a little too cold for that, still.

Man, do I live in Phoenix or what?!


I walked behind some other buildings to see what I could find, and the entrance to the Armory introduced itself.

Sheesh, what country is this? These eagles look like something straight out of Germany in 1938!

And they also kinda look like they’re made of Legos. Just sayin’…


This was a different entrance to the EMP Museum, which is a sci-fi classic here at the Seattle Center.

I can never get over how beautiful (and shocking…how did they do that?) buildings that make up the museum.

Aren’t these pretty?


The monorail goes right through them. Nice touch, guys.

I wonder if you see the Grand Canyon when you ride through?

Walt Disney thought of everything.


Sunbursty action of one of my favorite landmarks in Seattle.

Someday, I think that I’ll go to the top!


Every time that I’ve been here, this little band has been playing (what I think is) Mayan music. They have flutes and pipes and guitars. It is beautiful music.

I usually sit on the cement wall to listen for a few minutes. It was a nice rest for my feet, and also a wonderful chance to watch people.

Which never gets old!


You can really get anything your little heart desires here in Seattle.

Honestly, why would you ever leave?

Those lemonade drinks look yummy, huh?


I just loved this old-school sign.

Luckily, I didn’t have to follow its advice today. Car-free in Seattle!


I didn’t stop to read more about this statue because of people nearby taking pictures. I just grabbed a quick shot and was on my way.

But I love how old it looks. It probably is old.

Check out the (bear? wolf? pig?) head coming out of the stone on the base of the statue. I love stuff like this.


So I know this sounds terrible, especially because we just had a treat at Shiskaberries, but my next destination is actually for my real treat of the day.

Because I’m counting chocolate-covered berries as a healthy snack. Man, I’m bad!

I could be perfectly happy living on a flower-lined street next to the monorail. Doesn’t this look so peaceful? And clean!


There were lots of little shops and eateries in this neck of the woods as well. They were all closed today, but I hope that’s just because it was Saturday. They are located downtown with lots of businesses that are also closed today.

I love deli sandwiches!


So this still puzzles me but also makes me laugh.

OK, I get it. It’s a school for girls.

But how on earth do they explain the multiple rubber chickens hanging from the window?!

Would you want your daughter to attend a school like this?!


My phone did not lead me astray…we have arrived.

In case you can’t read all of the sign, it says, “Top Pot Doughnuts.” But the "doughnuts” part is visible, and that’s all you really need to know. It’s what matters.


I had read multiple reviews about this place and had high expectations. Inside was cute and quaint.


And the bookshelves were very inviting and inspire people to stay for hours, I’m sure!

By the way, I would love a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf built-in like this someday. But with white wood instead. With one of those cool rolling ladders.

Can you imagine?!


Anyway, back to the most important topic at hand.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you peek through a window into heaven?

I imagine that this is pretty close.


I won’t even be able to describe the incredible smells to you. Let’s just say that they make from-scratch doughnuts here and leave it at that.


Have you ever wondered what it would look like to peek through a pastry bag window into heaven?

I imagine that this is pretty close, too.


I got a glazed old-fashioned cake doughnut, because those are by-far my favorite.

And I must say this…

I’ve been eating healthy and working out very hard for about eleven weeks now. I’ve occasionally had a splurge on eating a treat, but I’ve always come back to the thought that “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.”

It has never been worth it.

Well, this doughnut changed that. So I’m very fortunate that it is so far from me most of the time.

This doughnut may very well be one of the best things that I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. It was certainly worth the splurge.

But I’m not kidding when I say it has been the only one worth it!

I don’t have very good odds, apparently.


I guess what I’m saying is that…I would go back.

If you are in Seattle, please try a fresh, hand-forged doughnut. Then you can know for yourself.

Just look for the sign.

More exploring Seattle is coming up! Are you enjoying these posts?

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